CEO and Head Photographer Joshua Stringer

CEO and Head Photographer Joshua Stringer

CEO Joshua Stringer and Robin Givens

Josh Stringer

Stills Photographer, Camera Operator & LOCAL 600 Member:


Josh first picked up my camera at the age of 8 when his mother worked as a wedding photographer. He got his start clicking away at ceremonies and receptions from his mother's Hasselblad and tripod. Since then he's graduated with a degree in Radiology, but while attending for a medical career he made his living shooting everything he could get hired for. (architecture, bands, senior portraits, etc.)

Josh was shooting at the age of 17 for international magazines and now he has been published in over 20 printed publications. Josh has shot everything from business ads and products to celebrity head shots and movie posters. He loves to shoot anything and everything. "I don't believe in one avenue, everything in this world is beautiful and I want to capture all of it to the best of my ability. I've had an incredible time and hope this is just the beginning of my work is seen around the world."

I need to take the moment to thank my main mentor and woman that helped me learn everything I needed to succeed, Stephanie Rogillio (my mother) who was the photographer in Baton Rouge, LA long before I came into being. She taught me the basics and a true love of the craft. Prepping nights before shoots to light metering the subjects, nothing was off limits for my education into the world of photography. She was and always will be my inspiration, first teacher, harshest critic, and biggest fan. Thank you for teaching me how to show people how I see the world. 

Shooting each genre has led me into ever expanding my portfolio and professional reach. First, bands and live events led me into beauty portraits. From there I went onto senior portraits, and so on. The dream of an international magazine publication always lingered in the back of my mind. After a few years, I was published my first time at the age of 17. Now I'm shooting for movies and tv shows and I'm happy to say I LOVE every second of it. From the long hours to the most random of locations. I wouldn't trade this for anything else in the world.


I have met many great professionals during my travels and I'm fortunate enough to work with and learn so much with them. Some are listed below :) and I hope to add to my ever growing list of clients and friends


Josh & Rosario Dawson


+Childhood Hero: My father, William

+What keeps me inspired: Traveling and meeting new people

+Random Fact: I’m a HUGE nerd/geek, I'm always reading comic books and discussing movies

+Guilty Pleasure: Comic book movies+TV Shows

+Myers-Briggs personality: INFJ, and it couldn’t be any more true

+Embarrassing Fact: I ramble when I'm nervous

Josh and Kathy Bates
Josh racing Grant Gustin (THE FLASH)