Toby Nichols

Toby started his film training in 2012 and has since booked lead and supporting roles in feature films, prime time TV, prize winning short films and numerous commercials.

  He recently worked with Bryan Cranston & Diane Lane on the set of Trumbo in the role of Chris Trumbo and he just discovered a zombie shark on the set of Lost Island. In this season of Salem, you'll see him as a young chicken thief. He landed the only child's role in 22 Jump Street and also co-starred on American Horror Story as the young witch hunter, Hank.

  Toby has trained consistently since 2012 with Debby Gaudet's Young Screen Actors. He has also trained under Harriet Greenspan, Braden Lynch, Cheryl Faye, Ty Harman and Joey Paul Jensen.

  Toby won the lead role in 2015's Chasing Ghosts, starring opposite Tim Meadows and Frances Conroy. He also held the lead role in True Heroes, the 2014 Louisiana Film Prize Grand Prize Winner. He was nominated for "Best Actor" for his role in that film.

  Toby is the youngest of 6 children and has an adventurous streak that is probably the result of living with teenagers. He loves roller coasters and can't wait for the day he is old enough to go skydiving. Toby is a student of Han Mu Do martial arts, plays on the local soccer team and is also on the archery team. He has fun riding his bike and climbing the huge trees in the park. When he is on set, you can find him between scenes sketching a new creature or reading.

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